Lewis Argall

Lewis Argall has created story worlds for as long as he can remember using any medium that he can get his hands on. His work includes writing, sculpture, textile design, performance art, and animation. Lewis has what is known as a twice exceptional mind. This means that although he is highly gifted and has strong verbal and perception skills, he deals with significant learning difficulties and can often struggle to process information. These challenges have shaped both the ideas and methods used in his art practice. 

Lucinda Clutterbuck

Lucinda is a fine artist working in wide range of media, an animator and animation producer. 


She has made over 20 short animations, including music videos for Australian artists such as INXS, Flotsam Jetsam and Jo Camilleri and the Black Sorrows. Lucinda’s animation for The Machination’s Pressure Sway remains an iconic Australian music video. She wrote and directed the short film Tiga about the fate of the Tasmanian Tiger which continues to be included in Australian animation collections. She was awarded a Filmmakers Fellowship in 2005 by the Australian Film Commission in recognition of her skills and significant body of work. 

Mark Eliott

Mark is an artist whose home base is the craft tradition of glass lamp-work. Sometimes he tries stretching the walls of this house to accommodate different approaches to the medium borrowed from other cultures such as jazz improvisation. At other times, he puts his glass in a back pack and ventures into other terrains such as performance and animation.


Mark founded the agar dish in 2008 at Sydney College of the Arts.

Auth Kash Karver

Auth is the more monotonous half of the Karver Collective (with Stella Ktenas Karver).


Auth is an interdisciplinary time-based video and, gestural, durational performance artist and considers herself a dissenting voice. Auth pushes citational gesture to breakdown, questioning the flexibility of gesture or language’s stability/instability complex, formations of the “Spectacle”, engages with cyclic and nonlinear systems and is ever curious about anatomical and logos deconstruction. Auth studied at UNSW Art & Design (formally known as COFA) and is a practicing artist in Sydney.

Stella Ktenas Karver

Stella is the more glamorous half of the Karver Collective (with Auth Kash Karver).


Stella is a sculptor, and interactive installation and performance artist who humorously interrogates themes of trace and gesture, the dynamics of human interactivity with art, Fordism, absurdity, and the grotesque. She has been exhibited numerously at USYD Verge Gallery (2013-4), North Contemporary Art Space (2016), 107 Projects (2015), Brand X @Tempe Jets (2015), Juanita Nielsen Centre (2014), and Project Contemporary Artspace (2014). Stella was also a finalist for both the 2015 and 2014 Verge Awards: 3D sculpture category.

Pamela Lee Brenner

Pamela Lee Brenner is a cross disciplinary artist who engages and inspires through interactive installation, video, animation, software performances and digital art. With a background in painting and broadcast design, she also works with large scale installation using recycled and re-use materials. Pamela has collaborated with Johannes Muljiana on live and recorded performance and augmented reality works.

Gemma Mckenzie-Booth

Gemma Mckenzie-Booth is a Sydney-based artist predominately working within the areas of sculpture installation and performance. She graduated from Sydney College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) in 2011 and is currently conducting a Master of Cultural and Creative Industries Management at the University of Technology Sydney. Recent works are concerned with the repurposing and recycling of materials and an active engagement with the audience.


Gemma participated in the first agar dish event in 2008 and has directed the event since 2014.

Robin McLaughlin

Robin has expressed her creativity from a young age, and has continued to take a playful experimental approach to making art.  More recently, Robin has participated in a number of iterations of the agar dish, relishing the opportunity to involve and collaborate with the viewer and Jo Ruth on joint projects.

Johannes Muljana

Johannes Muljana is an artist, designer and educator. Passionate about popular digital culture and contemporary issues, seeks to engage viewers through video, animation, software performances and digital art. With a background in photomedia and painting, software development and design, Johannes has collaborated with Pamela Lee Brenner on a number of indoor and outdoor installations, interactive and experimental works, video and animation, as well as more traditional forms.

Jo Ruth

Jo Ruth has been an artist all her life, experimenting with many forms of art and materials. She has participated in several iterations of the agar dish producing her own works and collaborating with Robin McLaughlin. Jo creates playful visual art using a range of mediums including paint, digital methods and photography.

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Gemma Mckenzie-Booth